What's trending - why not meet the experts live? by Marcel Bruch, Codetrails

Marcel Bruch

Eclipsecon Europe is, no doubt, the leading conference to learn about Eclipse Technology - no matter whether you are developing Eclipse RCP applications, doing IOT, or building scalable backend systems based on OSGI. Excellent content and passionate speakers make this conference a great place to be and the program offers a plenty of opportunities to get in touch with the experts from all these domains...

EclipseCon and the EASE scripting project

by Christian Ponteseger

Christian Ponteseger

Christian Pontesegger, an Early Bird pick for his presentation I love scripting, talks about his experience with EclipseCon and starting the project EASE.

If this is your first EclipseCon you will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of interesting talks and tutorials... But while the technical tracks are already awesome, to me EclipseCon is all about community. All the people you might know from the forum, blogs or stackoverflow are there and they are eager to hear your personal Eclipse story.

Blog: You can't fix what you don't know is broken

by Marcel Bruch, Codetrails

Eclipse Error Reporting In Eclipse Mars we introduced an Automated Error Reporting tool to provide committers with the necessary information about where their code breaks. We combined this with various means to get in touch with reporters and to run semi-automated, client-side bug analyses - with great success: since its introduction, around 1000 bug reports have been created of which around 400 bugs have been FIXED to date.

Keynotes 2015

Sabine Hauert

Sabine Hauert, Bristol Robotics Laboratory will describe her research on modelling the behaviour of nanorobots on natural swarms for medical applications such as the treatment of cancer.


Michael Würtenberger, BMW Car IT, taking off from the idea of cars as mobile devices in the Internet of Things, will discuss how a mature technology can create a paradigm shift in the creation of new products and services.


Stefan Ferber, VP at Bosch Software Innovations, will describe Bosch's IoT strategy and the role played by open standards and open source.

Speak Easy - Work with a mentor on presenting your technology story

Alex Schladebeck, Bredex, describes how you can get in touch with fellow speakers as a mentor or mentee with the Speak Easy program.

So many people have great stories to tell but are unsure about whether they’re ‘good enough’ or how to put their experiences onto paper and then into a presentation. Others may need some guidance on the kinds of topics that the conference audience is looking for.