Project Flux: Connecting developer tools across desktop and web (60-minute extended talk)


In recent years there has been a steady migration of tools to the web, starting with bug trackers and other collaboration tools. More recently core coding tools have started moving to the web as well, with the rise of web code editors such as Eclipse Orion. However when developers make this leap to web-based tools, they must leave behind their existing tools because there is no way to for tools on the web to connect back to tools on the desktop.

This talk introduces Flux, a new project that aims at bridging this gap between existing desktop-class IDEs and future cloud-based developer tooling. It is built around a new cloud-based architecture for developer tooling that integrates with todays desktop IDEs (like Eclipse, IntelliJ, or even Sublime Text). This new architecture takes existing IDEs explicitly into account, but allows developers to move towards cloud- and browser-based tooling at the same time. It provides, for example, real Java reconciling and compilation information, content-assist and navigation support in the browser, in real-time, without forcing developers to discard their desktop IDEs.

The talk explains the architecture behind this new project and shows several live demos using the latest prototypes, the integration with Eclipse Orion, Java tooling in the cloud, and more.

Here is the online version of the slides:

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Theater Stage - Tuesday, October 28, 2014 - 17:30 to 18:30