Javascript for Things with Espruino and Orion


Espruino is an open source JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers.

In autumn 2013 Espruino was launched through Kickstarter. It raised 5x its original target and resulted in the open source Espruino Board - the world's first microcontroller board to run JavaScript. Like an Arduino but programmed interactively with JavaScript, Espruino is a fast, fun way to develop intelligent devices that appeals to all skill levels.

Today, Espruino has a thriving open source community coming up with a number of interesting applications. In this talk we'll show what Espruino is capable of and give some demos of Espruino in action.

We'll show how we've added to the Orion project, such that it can be used as an online IDE for Espruino. We'll give a live demo showing how to develop software for embedded hardware, deploy it and debug it, all from the comfort of your web browser.

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Bürgersaal 2 - Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 13:30 to 14:05