J2J - JavaFX testing with Jubula


JavaFX is the new black in modern Java based Ul technologies - again. And as of Java 8 a stable and refined JavaFX API is available out-of-the-box for the general public. That said, it's no wonder that we - the Jubula team - have been working very hard to support this new Ul technology for test automation right from the very beginning.

In this session Markus

• will give a brief introduction to Jubula and its concepts,

• demonstrate how easy it is to automate Ul tests for JavaFX / e(fx)clipse based AUTs (Application Under Test).

• point out the current development status of the JavaFX support and its architecture

This talk is primarily aimed at people with a general interest in JavaFX and code-free test automation.


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Seminarräume 1 - 3 - Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 11:15 to 11:50