An Introduction to Eclipse Che


Che is a project to create a platform for SAAS developer environments. A SAAS developer environment is one that contains all of the tools, infrastructure, and processes necessary for a developer to edit, build, test, and debug an application. Since a SAAS developer environment is fully hosted, whether it is running on your desktop, in your datacenter, or in the cloud, that environment can be cloned, embedded, and shared in ways that desktop-installed environments cannot be. SAAS developer environments also contain the tools to orchestrate developer workflows, exposed in a variety of interfaces either through REST APIs, a browser-based client providing IDE functions, or a CLI.

The Che project contains a structured way to create server- and client-side extensions that are authored in Java, but generated as JavaScript, a set of standard developer-related REST APIs for interacting with development workflows, a large set of language & tooling extensions (Java, git, etc.), a default cloud IDE, and a developer environment cloud for scaling environments with large populations.

In this session, we'll introduce the Che architecture and give an introduction to building plug-ins and extensions to Che directly.


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Silchersaal - Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 17:00 to 17:35