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Which UI technology should I marry?

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Building Industry Solutions
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Choosing the right UI technology is a challenging topic as they look pretty today and old tomorrow - if they still exist. And the situation gets worse if you need to cover multiple frontends and/or the expected lifetime of your application exceeds a couple of years.

Once you have settled for a specific technology, business code tends to start to mix with UI code making a transition to a new UI technology more challenging and expensive over time. In the long term, UI technologies are here to make your life miserable. The primary question this session addresses is how to minimize risk and costs for large projects regarding the selection of a UI technology.

In this talk we present the different approaches chosen by two long term projects running at our company. While in the first project the Swiss post office counter application is following MVC patterns, the second project, driving the BSI CRM (customer relationship management), is based on the Eclipse Scout framework.

In addition to discussing the pros and cons of each approach, we will provide a quick demo of the CRM solution running simultaneously on the desktop based with a Swing UI, and as a web and mobile application using Eclipse RAP.

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31 October 10:30 - 11:05
Seminarräume 5