Testing mobile applications with Jubula

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Eclipse Technology
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After multiple years of experience with testing desktop toolkits, the GUIdancer / Jubula team made their first foray into the world of mobile testing with version 7.0 of GUIdancer. Since the feature-merge in the standalone versions of Jubula and GUIdancer, iOS testing is now available to everyone, and we’ve already started work on other mobile toolkits.

This talk looks at mobile testing both from a technical perspective as well as from the view of a tester of mobile applications. We cover points such as:

  • Transferable knowledge from desktop testing – test design and component interaction
  • New aspects involved with mobile testing –
    • increased variety and diversity (platforms, devices, versions)
    • new functions to consider (external applications, GPS, battery)
    • new interactions (gestures)
  • The interesting challenge of cross-platform applications
  • Setup and environment considerations for mobile testing
    • Starting and connecting to applications
    • Communication with an application under test
    • Continuous integration
  • Specialties of mobile robots

The aim of the talk is to present the support in Jubula and GUIdancer for mobile testing, as well as to provide background information on mobile testing in general. Alongside the theory, we’ll also show some demonstrations.

Time slot: 
30 October 17:00 - 17:35
Theater Stage