Jubula Tutorial – Specify, execute, analyze

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Eclipse Technology
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Come and learn to automate, execute and analyse tests with Jubula!

The world needs more acceptance tests. They tell us whether or not the software being developed does what the customer ordered and give us a great opportunity to amend misunderstandings and problems before a product is released. Doing this kind of testing manually is repetitive, error-prone, boring, and also hopeless – there is no way that manual acceptance testing can keep up with development, especially if you aim to have continuous feedback about quality.
The Eclipse Jubula Project for functional testing lets you automate these kinds of tests, and it does so without requiring you to write program code, and also without having to resort to recording user actions.

“How does that work?” we hear you ask. How are tests specified to be intelligent and robust? What happens if changes occur? And how do tests fit into the development process? All excellent questions.

Who should attend?
This tutorial is aimed at beginners to Jubula, who want to learn to write their first tests in a friendly atmosphere, find their way around the tool with other budding Jubula test-automators, and ask any questions on the way.
In the 3 hours, we’ll spend as much time as possible doing hands-on work with the tool. We’ll cover aspects such as:

  • The basics of writing and executing a test
  • More complex test and synchronization scenarios
  • A look at best practices for continuous integration and long-life tests
  • Getting to know as much about the tool as possible in the time we have

New stuff
You may have also heard that some things that were previously only available in the commercial tool are now available in the Jubula standalone. For the first time, we’ll be able to take a look at:

  • Code coverage
  • Test reporting for status meetings and long term analysis
  • Looking at test reports via the web dashboard
  • The Mylyn integration

The tutorial is based on the highly rated previous Jubula tutorials (the last tutorial was held at Eclipse Con North America in 2012) with the addition of exercises for the new areas.

Participants should come with a laptop where Jubula is already installed. The installation pack will be made available before the conference.

Time slot: 
29 October 09:00 - 12:00
FMZ Präsentationsraum