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Improve your Java builds with Buck

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Other Cool Stuff
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Buck is a modern open source build system built on concepts developed for Google and Facebook. Gerrit Code Review recently switched its build process from Maven to Buck, reducing build time by 67-98% while improving build reproducibility, maintainability and developer happiness.

In this talk I will introduce Buck, its build language, and show how the Gerrit project migrated itself out of the Maven tarpit into a better build.

Improve your Java builds with Buck (presented talk)
Introduction to Buck (backup slides)

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31 October 10:30 - 11:05
B├╝rgersaal 2


Slides and Questions

Slides are posted, links above in the description. The following questions were asked during the talk:

Q: How can you publish artifacts to Maven Central? You need a pom.xml.
A: Gerrit deploys by hand with the deploy plugin:

Q: Does Buck understand OSGi dependency information from MANIFEST.MF files?
A: No, this might need to be added or supported in the future, but not today.

Q: Does Buck have Eclipse support?
A: No, Gerrit wrote its own.

The maven_jar() support displayed in the talk is here:

Hi Shawn,Is Buck only

Hi Shawn,
Is Buck only targeting Android? Sounds like it since you say you're building Gerrit with it, but it is not clear from the project page.