fortiss Is Coming!

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fortiss, a research institute associated with the Technical University of Munich, is coming to ECE and bringing cool stuff with them!

fortiss facilitates research and technology transfer in software-intensive systems, and serves as a technological think tank, bridging the gap between academic research and industrial implementation of the fruits of that research.

At ECE, you will see a production line, the Smart Living Lab @fortiss, and a failsafe controller.

Production Line: the AutoPnP Project

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Production lines take a long time to set up and start up. With classically setup production lines, changes after startup are costly and time consuming – and sometimes not even possible. This is especially challenging for small and medium enterprises. Their small lot sizes and dependence on constant production and cash flow make them particularly vulnerable to production stops.


With the AutoPnP project, fortiss developed a software architecture that supports easy integration of hardware and software components in industrial automation systems. This versatile, modular production system demonstrator – set up with partners Festo and Festo Didcatic – shows the potential of its plug-and-play software and hardware architecture. It allows flexible combination of production cells, and enables automated production planning for a variety of products without reconfiguring the software systems.

Smart Living Lab @fortiss

The Smart Living Lab @ fortiss is a smart microgrid on a laboratory scale with components such as photovoltaic, battery storage, smart meters, and plenty of other sensors and actuators networking with each other. The Living Lab Prototype demonstrates both the technical feasibility of the approach, and the possibilities of making the architecture come alive while being tested under realistic conditions.


Live data provided by the current system includes information about the current power consumption (the conference room and the whole building), sensory data, power generation, battery capacity, and data logging


Big picture regarding the future smart grid and the importance of smart micro grid nodes/prosumers

Deployed system components 
and power flow

Failsafe Emergency-Stop Module

The Emergency-Stop System Demonstrator – jointly set up by Danfoss Drives and fortiss GmbH –implements a software controlled emergency shutdown system. It uses a dual core architecture. When the emergency switch is hit, both cores independently shut down the system to fulfill SIL 3 requirements.

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fortiss furthermore presents a seamless model-based development tool called AuftoFOCUS3, based on the Eclipse framework. AuftoFOCUS3 was used to model the Emergency Stop Module, from requirements to the platform, including scheduling synthesis and C-Code Generation.