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EEF 2.0, a new version, a bunch of great new possibilities!

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Eclipse Technology
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The Extended Editing Framework (EEF) is a project developed by Obeo since 5 years within the Eclipse Modeling Project. It provides to EMF users the ability to easily create powerful and rich modeling environments to edit and consume EMF models. For 5 years, EEF has been deployed in many projects and feedbacks have been gathered from users. All this information allowed us to improve the framework in many aspects.

The e4 platform is a real challenge for EEF like other Eclipse components. The compatibility with this new platform has required further evolutions, Obeo has therefore decided to develop a brand new version, fully redesign to fit these requirements. This version offers a lot of possibilities we propose to present you during this session.

Our presentation, structured by a demonstration of the tooling, will deal with:

  • The simplicity to develop a modeling environment with the EEF reflective editor
  • The ability to override the default EEF behaviors with OSGi dynamic services
  • The Eclipse 3 and e4 compatibility of EEF based modeling environments