Discover Remote OSGi Services

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Eclipse Technology
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The current state of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is intimidating. The set of standards invented to "make your life easier" has been growing like wildfire: xml, soap, wadl, widl, wsdl, rest, bics, wxscm, sscm, web.xml, ramp, etcetera etcetera.

On top of these protocols you can use a wealth of tooling and frameworks to such an extend that even you, the tech, don't know what is going on...

Sometimes you wish that remote services were simple. Just implement an API, expose this API as a service in your OSGi runtime and let network clients use this implementation. If you could only focus on the meat and not on the infrastructure then you could be on your way to solve your business problems instead of solving configurations.

This talk explains how the ECF project will take your existing OSGi service and promote it to a network service. The network service will be peer to peer or it will be registered with a discovery server and advertised to any interested clients. The clients then can use the service as if it was a local service. ECF has implemented the new OSGi RSA specification in order to achieve this.

ECF committers Markus Kuppe and Wim Jongman will entertrain you on this remote services discovery tour which will include live coding. We will demonstrate how to promote an OSGi service to a remote service. Together we will build a simple remote service and see how all the remote services will be consumed by our client.

If you want to join in the live coding, just follow the instructions on this site (new tab.)

Can't wait? Scott Lewis has very recently written a short summary for the July 2013 Newsletter(new tab.)

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30 October 17:00 - 17:35