Add some spice to your application! (using EMF Parsley in your UI)

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Eclipse Technology
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Most of you for sure are using EMF for modeling, since it's without any doubt the most powerful modeling project around.
But how quickly you can get a UI out of your model?
Just pick some Parsley, a new Eclipse Modeling project, and spread it into your project: you decide how much spicy you like it. It's up to you: you may range from picking simple widgets (like trees and tables) or more complex components (forms and parts).
Either way, what you will get is your UI in a matter of minutes!
Moreover, with Parsley Xtext DSL you can push customization very far away, and very quickly.
Are you looking for a rapid way to connect your UI to a persistence layer? Parsley is integrated out-of-the-box with any EMF persistence framework around (XMI, Teneo, CDO).
Are you using runtime platforms other than RCP 3, let's say RAP or Eclipse 4? No worry: it's well integrated also with them.
Under the hood, it uses the top of modeling techniques, like EMF databinding, dependency injection (Google Guice), polymorphic dispatching and some other cool stuff. Anyway, if you want, you can ignore these technical details, they are just there, to boost your development process.

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30 October 10:30 - 11:05
Seminarräume 5