Dirk Fauth

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Full Name
Dirk Fauth
BeOne Stuttgart GmbH
Job title
Senior Consultant

Java Developer since 2002 in various web and eclipse projects
Associate professor for Java basics at DHBW Stuttgart
Active NatTable commiter since March 2011, active forum member answering user questions, working on features and items in NatTable that increase the usability for developers and users (like overhauling the edit behaviour to be more intuitive, reworking design on data conversion and validation, localization, and much more)
Published article about NatTable basics in eclipse magazine 4.11
Published article about advanced NatTable topics in eclipse magazine 3.12
Published article about building the Eclipse IDE out of an Eclipse IDE using Maven Tycho in eclipse magazine 5.12
Involved in moving NatTable from Sourceforge to Nebula
(Co-)Project lead of Nebula NatTable since 2013


Member for
1 year 49 weeks

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