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Mickael Istria
JBoss, by Red Hat
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Developer, builder

Mickael is an Eclipse RCP/Plugin developer for JBoss, by Red Hat. He has been an Eclipse developer for several open-source RCP projects (JBoss Tools & JBoss Developer Studio, Petals Studio, Bonita Studio - Best Eclipse Modeling Tool 2011, Scarbo), a committer for some Eclipse.org projects (SWTBot, GMF Tooling, Nebula, JWT) and a contributor for several other projects (Tycho, GMF Runtime...). He's interested in methodologies and tools to improve productivy and software quality, and developer's life in general.
His daily work focuses on build, quality and production improvement for JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio, and all related technologies and concepts.


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2 years 12 weeks

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