Xtext - Best Practices

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

From small domain specific languages over newly designed, grown-up programming languages or 'just' IDE support for existing ones - the Eclipse Xtext framework can be applied to a variety of use cases. But even though language development became incredibly straight forward with Xtext, crafting a high quality IDE requires some fine-tuning at the right places. In this session I will outline best practices with Xtext and language design in general.

A variety of different topics will be covered that came up in the past in many different projects. I will share dos, don'ts and lessons learned that are quite helpful to avoid common pitfalls while not missing low hanging fruits when using the framework. The topics on the agenda include important aspects such as grammar design, scoping and validation rules or how to use dependency injection. If you already did your first steps with Xtext and ever wondered how you shall proceed after you got a first prototype up and running, this session is for you!

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