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Keynote [55 minutes]

In the recent years we've seen a massive change in the world of web development. Originally we had a world of servers and clients that simply displayed what was sent to them, but mobile computing and new HTML5 technologies have changed everything. More and more computing work is done on the client, since we cannot expect solid and fast connectivity. It is very impressive just how many opportunities modern browsers give us.

In this keynote, Chris Heilmann of Mozilla will show you just how much you can do on your end user's computers and phones without bothering your servers. You'll also learn about Boot2Gecko or how Mozilla managed to bring the web to a world of closed devices to allow everybody to benefit from these advancements without spending thousands. We have the technology and we have the tools; all we need now is to work together and the web of tomorrow will be open, free, and still a joy to use. 

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