Web Development with GWT and Xtend

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Everybody knows : Web is the platform of the future. Developing for the browser unfortunately requires us to learn and write JavaScript. Not only that but we also have to integrate the JavaScript client code with the server side, which often runs on the JVM (i.e. is written in Java). So we have to work in two different languages with completely different tools and APIs, and cannot share code between the client and the server.

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) provides a way to write your client side web application entirely in Java and have it automatically translated to fast and compact JavaScript. It allows you to access all the browser functionality through a statically typed API. You only have to learn and use one language and you can use your code on the client as well as on the server.
The downside : Java is a bad match for the asynchronous programming model required on the browser and generally forces us to write and read a lot of boilerplate code.

In this session you'll see how programming GWT applications with Eclipse Xtend provides the best of both worlds:
Static typing with advanced IDE support meets a powerful and expressive language - right at your finger tips.

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