Tycho adoption: Lessons learned, tips and tricks from the 1st line of front

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Extended Talk [55 minutes]

Common Build Infrastracture (CBI) is an landscape-changing initiative to make builds easy for everyone. The technologies that are used in that build system are relatively young in the Eclipse environment, however, they'd been already adopted in a number of not-only-eclipse projects.

Eclipse Platform to Maven/Tycho conversion is the most difficult example of adoption, mostly due to the fact that its build system was created in ancient days of Eclipse creation, and it hardly can be mapped to current maven concepts.

In this talk, Mickael and Krzysztof will present their experiences that they had gathered while working on CBI and JBoss Tools (and a few others) build projects,
which include:

* the general concept of Tycho/Maven
* common signs that you'll have problems migrating to Tycho
* incompatibilities between Tycho and PDEBuild and how to deal with them
* common problems

I hope that everyone attending this sesssion will get understanding of how to migrate his/her project to Tycho.

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