TOPCASED-REQ on its way to support RMF (and beyond!)

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

TOPCASED is a french initiative for system engineering modelling including tools for UML/SysML, Requirement Traceability over models, Documentation Generation.

Initially addressing requirement traceability between TOPCASED requirement format and EMF models, the opensource TOPCASED-REQ component is evolving.

TOPCASED-REQ is now ready to come out of TOPCASED Platform to become a standalone end user tool for Requirement Traceability in Eclipse.

What does this change imply?

  • New name: ReqCycle (Requirement LifeCycle).
  • Better interoperability : compatibility with RMF (and ReqIF), firstly providing import and export to this standard.
  • Possibility to create traceability links directly to OMG standards, with links creation between SysML or ReqIF models to models.
  • Furthermore : be more configurable, embed other technologies like CReMa.

ReqCycle will benefit of research project the next 3 years and the aim of this talk is to present the new features and the strategy of ReqCycle in requirement tooling ecosystem.
This talk could also be an opportunity to consider proposing ReqCycle as an Eclipse project. And we could suggest to have a Requirement top level project in Eclipse aggregating RMF, ReqCycle and others.

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