Tools and Methodologies to leverage GMF power

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

GMF is a powerful framework to build Graphical Editors based on EMF models.
GMF-Tooling project provides a model-based generative approach to create GMF-based editor in few clicks... but what about maintainability, customization and improvements?

Based on information we have gathered and our own experience over 3 years, we will share some ways to improve your GMF-based editor and maintain it as your requirements and GMF evolves.

For example, the renaming of an element can involve a lot of manual cleanup. If you have committed and modified generated code, you may have to find and remove the old generated classes manually, and report any modifications done in the old generated code.

Or you can try the way we use, which is simpler and easier in the long run.

We will suggest when and how to use - and NOT to use - a number of methods to address problems like this in order to efficiently and continuously improve and maintain your editor.

This talk will be given at EclipseDay Delft.

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