Seven Languages For The JVM

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Extended Talk [55 minutes]

Developing domain specific languages (DSLs) for Java has become surprisingly easy! Xtext lets you reuse and embed Java compatible language concepts such as expressions, type references and annotations anywhere in your own language. All you need to do is to describe a grammar and mapping of your DSL concepts to Java. Using these two steps only will already yield a statically typed language with top-notch Eclipse integration.

To inspire your imagination we have developed 7 Languages For The JVM using Xtext 2.3. They include a Gradle-like language to describe builds, an HTTP routing DSL similar to the one from Play!, a template language, MongoDB document descriptions, configuration of Guice modules and a fun and interactive Logo-like language (do you rememeber?). All of them are out of the box statically typed, support debugging and have tight integration with Eclipse's Java IDE. And the best is that it actually took less than seven weeks to do that.

In this session you will learn the basic steps needed to implement a DSL for the JVM. Once you got the idea, we will give an outlook of what is possible beyond these first steps. Language development with Xtext is interesting, fun, and creative!

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