Riena on Eclipse 4

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Riena has a reputation for having an end user oriented navigation concept on top of Eclipse RCP. The nuts and bolts of this feature is a strongly typed navigation model which gets reflected on the user interface by many different RCP customizations and special Riena renderers. Eclipse 3.x RCP provides the Presentation API but as usability requirements increase, the lack of flexibility emerges.

Under these circumstances providing a user interface suitable for business application users becomes more and more painful.

  • The rendering process is predefined by the workbench
  • The Presentation API is difficult to understand
  • The Perspective layout is modifiable at runtime. This behaviour is not customizable. ( You can move around components like views or editors. )
  • Things get tough if you want to extend/change the application model at runtime
  • No Dependency Injection Mechanism ( you have to work with singletons )
  • Tight coupling of model and presentation
  • SWT is the only supported widget toolkit

Eclipse 4 helps out with a whole new concept of implementing RCP applications.

  • EMF based modeled Workbench
  • Separation of model and presenentation
  • Customizable rendering engine
  • Renderer factories
  • Dependency Injection ( no more singletons )

This talk will give you an overview on how Riena uses these Eclipse 4 features to improve the rendering process of the Riena navigation model.

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