Reviving the Http Service

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Extended Talk [55 minutes]

The OSGi Http Service is the original OSGi specification to write OSGi-based web applications. While it has its advantages being very simple to understand and use it has some drawbacks. The main drawback is the Http Service being based on the Servlet API 2.1 specification and thus not supporting filters. Another drawback is the limitation in the way servlets (and resources) can be mapped to HTTP request URIs when compared to the more elaborate functionality supported by the standard web application descriptors.

RFP-150 aims to modernize the current specification adding support for filters, supporting whiteboard pattern style registration of servlets and filters, and more. This paper will be circulated in the community to gather feedback and additional requirements to revive the OSGi Http Service.

This talk will present the limitations of the current specification and present ideas on how to the proposed functionality could be implemented. References to the current implementation of some of the proposed extensions in the Apache Felix projects are given.

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