Getting started with Eclipse 4 Application Development - Tutorial

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Tutorial [3.5 hours]

The Eclipse Rich Client Platform is companies’ choice #1 when high-quality customer or in-house desktop applications have to be developed.

In June, the next generation of this wildly successful framework for building desktop applications was released to the public which finally brings lots of technical innovations to desktop application developers.

This tutorial will give you a jumpstart into the new concepts of the Eclipse 4 Application Platform. If you have previous experience developing with RCP 3.x, but limited or no experience with e4, this tutorial is designed for you. We show how Eclipse 4 will improve your products in terms of testability, reusability, and flexibility.

Based on a sample RCP application, we introduce the most important features of the new platform, such as the Application Model, Dependency Injection and the new Programming Model. The introduction is completed by an overview of the most important services available, such as the selection or preference services as well as the Event Bus. All topics include hands-on examples that we’ll work through together. Finally, we demonstrate how innovations from Eclipse 4 can be integrated into existing applications based on Eclipse 3.x and introduce possible migration paths.

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