Polyglot Persistence: EclipseLink JPA for NoSQL, Relational, and Beyond

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

As Martin Fowler described in his blog posting entitled PolyglotPersistence, the persistence needs of applications are evolving from predominantly relational to a mixture of heterogeneous data sources. In response to these needs EclipseLink, the Java Persistence API 2.0 and 2.1 reference implementation, is making support for NoSQL and other non-relational databases a first class citizen. With EclipseLink it is possible to construct applications that mix entities sourced from many types of databases and vendors in a single persistence unit. It is also possible to define and navigate relationships between entities persisted in different database technologies. In this session we’ll introduce EclipseLink JPA’s support for NoSQL and other non-relational databases and show through examples how easy it is to embrace polyglot persistence in your Java applications.

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