Polarsys: the open industrial revolution of Embedded Systems development

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

See talk slides at http://fr.slideshare.net/gaelblondelle/polarsys-talk-eclipsecon-europe-2012

Large industry players from from Embedded Systems Industries like Aeronautic, Telecommunication, Space, Defense, ..., joined together to create the Polarsys Community.

In 2012, the Polarsys community welcomes its first members like Airbus, Ericsson or Thales. The community is growing fast with new members joining each month.

Polarsys will drive the open source tooling ecosystem towards industrial strength quality, feature completeness, innovation, speed and long term availability.

On one side, Polarsys leverages existing Eclipse projects (in Platform, Modeling, CDT, Mylyn, ...), and raises the need for new developments in these projects, with new business opportunities.
On the other side, Polarsys integrates external projects in new domains like static code analysis or complex change management softwares and will incept new Open Source components, either contributed as Eclipse projects for general purpose technologies, or kept in Polarsys when they address very specific embedded systems topics.

Finally, Polarsys may take your project on the road for Very Long Term Support to keep it available for the next 30 years.

During 25 minutes, we will present how Polarsys can have a positive impact in your work as a project leader or committer.
If you are more a technology user, we will tell you what benefits you can expect if you become member of the Polarsys IWG.

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