Patterns in Graphiti - How to Implement Graphical Editors with Even Less Effort

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Writing a graphical editor is a whole lot of work and writing a really handsome editor is even more.

Graphiti eases this effort and allows to implement a graphical editor in an incremental way by starting with a basic version of the editor using Graphiti's powerful default implementations and enhancing it step by step towards its full functionality and appearance. Usability and an appealing UI are supported by the Graphiti framework right from the beginning.

Using a so far not well-known possibility within Graphiti can reduce the needed effort for implementing an editor even more: patterns. Although they are part of the framework since its beginning, they have so far not yet been promoted. However they make up a valuable complement to the traditional feature approach. Patterns allow

  • the bundling of all functionality dealing with the representation of a domain object into one class
  • the easy reuse of functionality (e.g. to identify shapes) between adding, layouting, updating and other features
  • to be combined with the traditional feature approach

For the upcoming Graphiti release (as part of the Kepler release train) an extension to the patterns functionality is planned that allows tool builders to reduce the amount of coding needed for e.g. updating or layouting even more. This session will provide an insight into this planned functionality and will show by example how much the amount of coding can be reduced. This look into the labs is of course done as part of a demo.

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