Is OSGi modularity always worth it?

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

The benefits of OSGi are well known, but what about the costs? This talk will recap the benefits, discuss some of the costs, and look at some case studies in the use of OSGi (and Virgo) and ask "was it worth it?". The talk should help anyone adopting OSGi for the first time to foresee some of the challenges ahead and to avoid over-selling OSGi to their peers.

The first case study describes how a popular, new open source server runtime project was adapted to use OSGi as a module system. The result was more loosely coupled and easier to test. However, in addition to the change of using OSGi as a runtime container, there was an interesting trade-off in thread safety.

The second case study considers the use of OSGi in the web client of VMware's vSphere virtualisation product.

The third case study is a fairly typical example of OSGi adoption by Croatian Telecom.

(Slides on slideshare or see below for download of PDF.)

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