Orion - a browser based tools integration platform

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Extended Talk [55 minutes]

The natural progression of Web and Cloud development tools is to have the features needed to develop your application or Web site available right in the browser. Orion is an open source tools integration platform that provides the consumable core components of an extendible Web based Development Environment (WDE).

Orion leverages a secure client side javascript plugin model to extend the platform by integrating other web pages and services into the Orion development workflow. Close integration is achieved through writing Orion plugins to extend the platform with additional capabilities. Extensions such as code outliners, code markers, code completion, error reporting, additional file system services and visual editors can leverage the micro-service framework, security and preferences systems. Plugins to deploy and manage Cloud based systems like OpenShift or GoogleAppEngine can easily be integrated as well. What used to be a long setup period to get your IDE into the right state is as simple now as opening a browser, wherever you are.

Orion's goal is to work with the community to provide cutting edge resource focused pages that are lightweight and dedicated to specific tasks vs. trying to load the equivalent of a desktop IDE into the browser. Through a year and a half of constant community growth and adoption from companies such as Mozilla (ships in Firefox), RedHat, VMWare, IBM and others, EclipseCon Europe will be the release of Orion 1.0 and an excellent time to talk about the platform and what the community can do to drive it towards 2.0. Go to http://orionhub.org, get an account, clone a javascript project from Github and start coding.

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