One Click deployment on the Cloud

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Cloud computing is currently changing the IT delivery process of computing power, storage space and network capabilities. These resources are available from different providers and can be used to build applications within the Cloud. But the delivery of such applications is still a challenge as different Cloud providers come with different deployment mechanism. The user is hindered from using Cloud resources of different providers in scalable Cloud application. A solution for this problem will be demonstrated.

By re-using existing Eclipse technology from Equinox (, p2 (, gEclipse ( an interoperable Cloud deployment framework was developed within student projects as proof-of-concepts prototypes. With these prototypes the deployment of Cloud application can be as easy as the deployment of smartphone application. Based on a specific Cloud appliance containing an OSGi based runtime with p2 extensions, applications on Cloud compute resources can be easily managed with extensions to the gEclipse framework. The deployment is initiate with one click and does include cloud-side and client-side p2 provisioning operations.

The framework will be demonstrated by the following applications.
* a scalable simulation for astroparticle physics based on a legacy application.
* a OSGi application that adresses Cloud privacy by offering a service which distributes
data to various Cloud storage providers comparable to a RAID system
* a OSGi application that aggregates media data stored by different Cloud providers

The deployment of the Cloud application is supported by a Cloud Application Store which describes the required provisioning operations.

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