MQTT everywhere - Demo with embedded Java (continued)

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Sponsored Workshop [90 minutes]

MQTT is a lightweight broker-based publish/subscribe messaging protocol designed to work especially in resource-constrained systems in which processor speed and data connection bandwidth often is a bottleneck. That's why MQTT is getting more and more popular in the M2M world where many devices are connected through mobile networks.

During the workshop we will be using the Eclipse Paho MQTT implementation to connect to all kinds of devices. We will learn how simple it is to use MQTT to connect to an Arduino board and to other MQTT implementations. We will discuss all MQTT features in depth and learn how to use them during the tutorial.

The following MQTT features are presented:
- publish/subscribe mechanism
- 3 different quality of service levels
- independency of the transport medium (e.g. TCP/IP and Serial)
- Last Will Messages
- Retain a Message

Attendees can bring their laptops with Eclipse installed and an internet connection (either WiFi or mobile).

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