Logback Beagle - Eclipse Logging reinvented

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Have you ever searched log files for hours? I mean:

- leaving your IDE (Eclipse of course),
- login to servers,
- browsing MB/GB of log files,
- copy&paste stack traces,
- going back to Eclipse and
- finally searching for error root causes in you source code.

Is this a 21th century proceeding? NO it isn't!
It is a unnecessarily complicated and time consuming.

Let me explain how you can do it better. Logback Beagle
is a new Eclipse console collecting logging events from
different sources using Logback.

Logback Beagle is a Logback sub-project developed by
Ceki Gülkü and Christian Trutz (CENIT AG a ECE2012 sponsor).

This talk will be useful for people who are using (or want to use) Logback/SLF4J
and who want to reduce the time they spend for error hunting.
Logback Beagle is NOT a substitute for logging servers, it is a console.

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