Let's write code not configure servers!

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Tutorial [3.5 hours]

Tired of waiting weeks to get a server or spinning up and configuring your virtual servers. Come learn about how PaaS can make you into a happier and more productive coder. We will start by teaching you the meaning behind some acronyms you see thrown around - IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Next we turn to PaaS and talk about why it is a developer's dream come true. From there we will use Red Hat's Open Source PaaS, OpenShift, to teach you how easy it is to get started with a Java web application in the cloud. JBoss Developer Tools does a fantastic job integrating OpenShift. We will show you how you can do your entire development lifecycle (from application creation to code and deploy) in Eclipse. This will be a very hands on session - our goal is to have you go home comfortable with deploying your own applications. If time permits we may also show a little bit of working with MongoDB (or PostgreSQL) and Java on OpenShift. Come in skeptical leave with a smile and some working code.

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