Kick your Java EE development a notch with m2e-wtp

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

The m2e-wtp project is a new project incubating at the Eclipse foundation. Built upon the popular m2eclipse-wtp plugin, it aims at providing a tight integration between the Eclipse’s Web Tools Platform and m2e, the Maven Integration plugin for Eclipse.

In this heavily demo-focused presentation, we will show you how you can bring powerful Maven capabilities to your legacy Eclipse Java EE applications, detailing 3 features m2e-wtp adds over your typical WTP installation :

  • Convert your Eclipse projects to Maven : taking advantage of the new Eclipse to Maven Conversion API added in m2e 1.1, m2e-wtp translates your WTP project settings (Web, EJB, EAR ...) to their equivalent maven plugin configurations in a jiffy.
  • web resource filtering : lets you dynamically change the content of your web resources (web pages, css files, deployment descriptors...) using placeholders much like a templating engine. This allows you, for instance, to enable or disable debug parameters in your web.xml depending on some specific Maven profiles.
  • war overlays : ever needed to share the same web resources (images, css ...) across different web applications? The Maven war overlay mechanism allows you to define these common files in one location (be it a workspace project or a war archive) and let other web applications consume them without the need to duplicate them into their source control system

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