Jubula – what’s new and what’s nifty

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Alongside the basic functions for writing and executing tests that have been covered in a few tutorials, Jubula has a ton of awesome additional features. Some of them are shiny and new, others are just really nifty – and quite possibly just what you were looking for. Reading documentation and release notes isn’t anyone’s favourite pastime, so come to this session to get a guided tour of some of the more advanced, more effective, and downright cool options available in the tool.

During this session, Alex will cover a number of aspects including (but not limited to):

  • Using the “refactor” options
  • Using functions as test data
  • Working with central, local and referenced data
  • Tips and tricks for component names including reassigning, cleaning up and finding them in your test
  • Manual test steps – what are they doing here?
  • Interactive test analysis
  • Teststyle
  • Metrics
  • Cool actions you might not know about

Each aspect is described in terms of what it was introduced for, what it is used for (the two not always having a 1:1 mapping!), and a short demonstration of its use.

After a tweet from the program chair, I've changed this back to a standard talk ;) Nevertheless - feel free to add comments on areas that would be interesting to look at during the talk, and I'll do my best to integrate them if time permits / if they are of the correct "level" for the talk topic.

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