Jnario - BDD for Java (continued)

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Jnario is a new test framework for Java focusing on the design and documentation aspects of testing. Jnario consists of two domain-specific languages, one for writing readable acceptance specifications, the other for succinct unit specifications. Together they are well suited for behavior driven development (BDD) of Java programs.

Using behavior specifications to guide software development is an established approach when developing in Ruby or Scala, which feature frameworks such as RSpec-2, Cucumber and specs2. Unfortunately, due to syntactic limitations, no efficient solution for Java exists as yet. With the advent of Xtext and Xbase it is possible to overcome these syntactic limitations by creating concise DSLs without syntactic overhead that are fully integrated into the Java ecosystem. Furthermore, having an Xtext based solution brings with it the great Eclipse editor with its powerful features and seamless Java integration.

In this session we will demonstrate two things:

1. How you can describe the behavior of your system together with your customers using executable acceptance specifications.
2. How you can write succinct unit specifications that test and document your code at the same time.

We will demonstrate these by developing an example Eclipse plugin using an outside-in approach. In this session you will:

* Learn how to write executable specifications that everyone can understand.
* Learn how Jnario helps to create code that does what it should and not more.
* Experience the power of Xtext and Xbase when it comes to creating DSLs that are fully integrated into the Java ecosystem.

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