JavaFX, OSGi and e4

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

JavaFX 2 is a new Graphics-Toolkit which allows people to write modern looking UIs. What it lacks are a first class runtime platform which SWT (Eclipse RCP) and Swing (Netbeans Platform) already have.

We'll start by describing how JavaFX can be run unmodified inside Equinox until it gets part of the SDK, describe how you can make use of Eclipse libraries like Eclipse Databinding and use e4 DI to write light weight OSGi+JavaFX applications.

For medium to large applications we'll introduce "e4 on JavaFX" which provides you a production ready platform to develop JavaFX 2 applications ontop of the Eclipse 4 Application Platform.

As a final show case I'll show you how you can mix JavaFX + OSGi + JDT + Orion to write your own small IDE within a few hours.

This talk is related to the e(fx)clipse - Eclipse Tooling for JavaFX 2 which shows the tooling used for the runtime.

Ideally we could merge them into 1 long talk but having them seperated is also an option so I filed them as short talks.

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