Intelligent Mechatronic Systems: Simulate. Generate. Execute.

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Nowadays, technical systems have to become more and more ‘intelligent’. For this purpose, systems have to communicate with each other and with their environment. For example, intelligent systems in cars will combine information about the environment obtained from their own sensors with those collected by other cars to save energy but also to avoid accidents. Such highly complex systems require significant changes in the way software is developed today.

In this talk, we present a method for the development of embedded and mechatronic systems, including simulation, code generation and the execution of generated code on embedded hardware. In particular, we explain how we employed the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard from the MODELISAR [1] project into Eclipse based modeling tools in order to integrate discrete software specification with classical controller specifications from electrical and mechanical engineering. The main and novel contribution of this approach is that it allows simulating discrete real-time software specifications together with the mechatronic simulation world using tools like Modelica/Dymola and Matlab/Simulink in conjunction with Eclipse.

In the presentation, we start with a brief overview on the approach that has been developed as part of the ENTIME project with nine industrial partners [2]. Then, we will give a live demo on the provided tool support. In the demonstration, we show the specification and simulation of the system. After that, we generate code and execute the developed system on an embedded hardware platform. We conclude our talk and give an outlook on our future work regarding model-driven development of embedded and mechatronic system.


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