Industrial Grade Modeling with Xtext

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Extended Talk [55 minutes]

Xtext has spread at an amazing speed throughout the community and has revolutionized the work with DSLs and compilers for many of us. We use our own DSL SDK built upon Xtext to efficiently implement and automatically test large scale solutions comprising more than 50 DSLs used in 50'000 sources. We employ this framework in our Eclipse based IDE used in the development and customization of our banking system.

We will show how we use the Xtext framework and extend its concepts in order to leverage development resources. Our DSL SDK extends the Xtext framework by custom DSLs to accelerate and standardize the implementation of new business DSLs. It enables us to define all aspects of a DSL like exporting elements to link against, scoping and linking, defining constraints, quickfixes, and formatting. Furthermore, we use a custom indexing mechanism that allows cross-referencing between the large number of DSLs and sources we have to deal with.

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Building Industry Solutions
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