How Eclipse modeling saves the oil industry

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

The ability to build effective and efficient development studios is a major challenge for large companies nowadays.

For several decades, IFP Energies nouvelles (or IFPEN) has been developping scientific softwares in the field of geosciences. This old generation of monolithic softwares is progressively being replaced by a new generation of full-featured, geoscience software solution which is used by the oil and gas industry. The innovative nature of this scientific software solution comes from the fact that the desktop part is entirely based on Java and the Eclipse RCP framework.

IFPEN is developing a scientific software platform called OpenFlow that allows, among many other features, the launch of computations on remote supercomputers from desktop clients. With the help of the Obeo company, IFPEN uses tools like EMF, Acceleo and EEF to develop its development studio which is used to improve the generation of communication components in the platform.

The first part improved in OpenFlow is the way to create the communication layer between the clients and supercomputers. Until now, whenever a user wanted to run a calculation, he had to develop the communication protocol with the remote computer on his own. IFPEN has developped an Acceleo generator to automate this task. Now, OpenFlow users are able to easily generate this layer by launching the generation from the studio.

Another difficult point in using OpenFlow for scientific computing is the GUI part. Similarly to the communication layer, users needing to input data, regulary have to develop their own user interface. For this part, IFPEN has integrated Ecore Tools and EEF in order to offer an user interface designer accessible for scientists.

This presentation will show, with several demonstrations, the type of development studio that large industrial companies like IFPEN can build based on the stable technologies of the Eclipse Modeling Project.

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