How does the Jubula team test with Jubula?: Best practices for Test Design, Continuous Integration and Process

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

When the decision is made to automate tests, a lot of focus is placed on finding the right tool. That is indeed important, but test automation involves many more facets than “just” the tool. After three successful Jubula tutorials, it seems like EclipseCon Europe is a good time to move away from the basics of working with Jubula and onto some of the more advanced topics that come with test automation in general and also the specifics of test automation with Jubula.

Once some tests are up and running, teams very quickly start to ask questions about test design for stable unattended test runs, integrating automated tests into the continuous build and test process, and integrating test results into the team’s daily life.

In this session, Alex splits the time between these three topics:

  1. She begins from the tester perspective – using experience from various consulting projects BREDEX is involved in, she looks at some of the options available to ensure that tests are maintainable, readable and stable, and that even long-running test suites can survive on their own at night.
  2. Then we take a Jubula-centric look at continuous integration. We look at using CI tools to build, install and run Jubula tests, and talk about important aspects of test environment that can trip you up if you’re not aware of them.
  3. Having builds and tests running frequently isn’t the end though – the team needs to learn to deal with constant quality information (What do we do if we introduce a regression bug? What if it’s a bug in a new feature? What if it’s an old bug that we only just found?). It’s also important to make sure that tests keep growing – we look at how to plan and add new automated tests as well as how to structure them to ensure the best possible results.

This talk is designed as a high-level look at these aspects. The talk entered by Markus (Continuous testing with Jubula – where the rubber meets the road!) looks at the more technical aspects of continuous testing. The talks could be merged and held together as an extended talk if desired.

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