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GMF Tooling is a very powerful tool, but sometimes its learning curve make it hard to create or maintain a GMF Diagram. Because the process of creating a GMF Diagram is iterative rather than linear, in the first iteration, you probably don't want to spend time designing figures. You only want to see your diagram working as quick as possible, and later customize it.

In order to simplify the development process of the GMF Tooling models needed to generate a Diagram, we have created a graphical tool (Based on GMF) to allow us to create a complete GMF Diagram in a few minutes in a much more intuitive way.

The first version of our GMF Simple Map Editor tool was introduced on the Modeling Symposium at the last EclipseCon North America 2012, and will be also shown in the next Eclipse Demo Camp in Grenoble, France.

We think this tool could be part of the next version of GMF Tooling (As the main or alternative editor) and we would like to introduce the new features and future plans for the tool.

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