Getting Started With Xtend

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Tutorial [3.5 hours]

Eclipse Xtend ( is a statically typed programming language that is developed at It eliminates Java’s boilerplate and enhances day to day programming through a couple of well chosen language concepts. The language integrates seamlessly with existing Java libraries and compiles to comprehensible Java source code. Being an Eclipse project, Xtend was designed and developed along with advanced IDE support which integrates nicely into Eclipse and especially the Java Development Tools (JDT).

The tutorial is composed of two parts. Firstly the philosophy behind Xtend and the language features is explained. In these 30 minutes the audience learns about concepts like extension methods, lambda expressions and the unique template strings of Xtend. The second part is pure hands-on and composed of entertaining and practical exercises. We bring puzzlers and interesting problems and you solve them with Xtend in elegant ways during the workshop. As a result you will learn how to increase your productivity in Java projects and how to design intuitive and powerful APIs.

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