The Future Is Unmanned

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Keynote [55 minutes]

Modern electric multicopters have evolved over the years from simple hobby toys into sophisticated professional systems. They perform industrial inspections, count wildlife in Africa, and go where no human could safely go in disaster areas. They navigate almost independently with a broad range of onboard sensors and cameras, and transmit the videos and sensor data in real time to ground control stations.
In this keynote you will learn about the basic architecture of such copters and the challenges in replacing human eyes - all the way down to the mechanics of the camera stabilization system during flight.

Conference attendees can participate in the Eclipse Flight Club challenge by writing code to create a custom stabilizer. We will provide a special interface (Windows DLL) that receives the sensor data for the flight attitude of the copter, and controls the servo motors of the camera mount to overcome the nick and roll movements. Flight Club includes a full test set with copter, camera mount, live video show, and different approaches to stabilization.

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