Forging a Bond Between Eclipse and the Command-line

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

It is common knowledge that some developers swear by using command-line tools to do their job. Typing quickly, the use of tabbed completion and running scripts are key ingredients to their productivity. Nevertheless a fancy IDE such as Eclipse also attracts many developers. These love to rely on key benefits such as incremental building, form based editing, outline views and navigating the workspace. Well, we have some excellent news for developers that want the best of both worlds.

JBoss Forge is a command-line driven open source tool that enables users to adopt an incremental approach to their daily Java development. It lets you take an existing Java project and safely add in new functionality. Whether you want to set up JSF, use persistence or create REST endpoints, it all becomes a real breeze. Forge was created with extensibility in mind and is completely technology agnostic.
The good news that was mentioned above is that a number of Eclipse plugins bring this power right to the heart of your favorite IDE. Just think about a command-line tool nicely integrated in an Eclipse view. Now imagine that the commmands issued at this command-line tool are immediately reflected with changes and useful feedback in your workbench... Doesn't that sound cool?

In this talk I will show this powerful integration between IDE and command-line at work. I will highlight many of the benefits as well as some of the more advanced possibilities of this approach. Come to this talk if you want to know how to take advantage of all this power.

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