End-to-end model-driven development of applications with Eclipse using MDD toolsuite from WebRatio (continued)

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Sponsored Workshop [90 minutes]

Model-driven practices are becoming increasingly popular among developers. The Eclipse ecosystem hosts a number of projects supporting model-driven development. However many of these projects are only targeting data objects and business logic definition, while lacking appropriate support for one major aspect of development: user interaction design.
We present IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language), an upcoming OMG standard for specifying user interfaces and user interaction (IFML will become an adopted standard in early 2013) focusing on visual design of user interactions.

In this workshop we will show the WebRatio toolsuite at work and through a hands-on session that will let participants design the various aspects of a software application, spanning data modeling, service modeling, and UI modeling, and also graphical style design. Through a set of model-driven transformations we will show how it is possible to automatically generate standard Java code for very refined enterprise-class applications, that can be deployed on any Java-enabled application server.

We will also introduce IFMLer, a new Eclipse project that aims at developing tools for end-to-end model-driven of applications development, from data to business logic to user interaction design.

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