EMFCompare 2.0: Scaling to Millions

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

When it started in 2007, EMFCompare 1.x was designed to compare models that could fit entirely in memory. Since then, EMF has been used to design bigger and bigger models, to the point that they can sometimes barely fit entirely in a laptop's memory. EMFCompare 1.x is irrelevant to compare such big models because its comparison engine needs to handle 2 or 3 versions (three-way diff) of the models under comparison.

To be able to work with such large models, models are often split in multiple resources to form a set of strongly connected components in a way that a single component can fit entirely in memory. Yet EMFCompare 1.x cannot handle strategies adapted to these models such as not loading the entire model in memory or loading it piece after piece.

EMFCompare 2 is a rewrite from scratch with scalability in minds. It now has a smart scope feature to leverage the above strategies. It only loads the fragments susceptible to have changed and then compares only these parts. This way, EMFCompare 2 is able to compare models with millions of elements in a number of steps proportional to the number of differences.

During this talk, we will introduce you to the new framework and how we now are able to scale to millions. This will be shown with a lot of demo in support. We will also show you the brand new user interface that has been revamped to scale along with the new engine.

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