e(fx)clipse - Eclipse Tooling for JavaFX 2

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

JavaFX 2 is the new and suggested way of writing Java UIs. In this talk we'll present how a new set of plugins can assist you in getting even more productive by providing you with first class tooling inside the Eclipse IDE.

We'll introduce you to the various editors for:

  • CSS: A specialized CSS-Editor which knows about all custom JavaFX properties
  • FXML: A specialized XML-Editor which interacts with JDT to provide you content assistance, error marking, ...
  • FXGraph: A JSON-Like DSL which can be used to instead of FXML

We'll also present how the tooling can interact with external tools like the SceneBuilder-WYSIWYG-Tool to visually design application.

e(fx)clipse is not yet an eclipse project but all sources are provided under EPL. Currently around 1.000 people download each release. More informations about the plugin can be found on the project page and my blog

This talk is related to JavaFX, OSGi and e4 which shows of the runtime components developed inside the e(fx)clipse project.

Ideally we could merge them into 1 long talk but having them seperated is also an option so I filed them as short talks.

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