Eclipse Tool Qualification Requirements

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

In the talk we present the Eclipse Roadmap towards tool qualification with a special focus on requirements. The Eclipse Roadmap towards tool qualification starts from the agreement on using the DO-330 standard for tool qualification and ends at the possibility to qualify Eclipse plugins. Main part of the roadmap is the concept, consisting of an EMF model and documentation that covers all requirements in the standard. This will enable a model-based tool qualification within Eclipse.
The role of requirements in this concept is three-fold
1) the requirements on tool qualification from application standards like ISO-26262, DO-178C, IEC 61508
2) the requirements on the concept in the DO-330 that have completly be covered
3) the requirements on plugins that are modeled within the EMF model as simple as it is required from DO-330
In the talk we will present examples of all the requirements and report on the current status of a onging demonstrator tool that is developed according to this requirements and the future process for the development of qualified plugins.

The roadmap can be found in the tool qualification page of the Eclipse industrial working group at the page The slides for the talk will be selected from the roadmap and will be updated with the requirement focus and the current state of the deomnstartor directly before the conference.

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